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  • Christmas with Musica Bohemica
  • Tradition and present times of spiritual music in Bohemia
  • Folk songs and dances of five centuries
  • Jar. Krček – A year in Bohemia: Suite of 12 parts based on Czech folk poetry
  • Jar. Krček: 1) Songs about War; 2) Students′Vigils
  • Songs of thirty years war
  • Confrontacion of Czech and world baroque music
  • Educational concerts for children and young people  ↓

Educational concerts


The main purpose of educational concerts is to interpret folk songs. During concerts young listeners learn how the folk art has appeared, how it developed and whom it served and still serves. In addition, listeners are frequently asked actively to participate, for example in rhythmic performances or singing. In the second part of the concerts, the ensemble introduces the audience to sich rarely seen instruments as the tromba marina, taroghato, different types of pipes, atc.

These educational concerts aim not only to awaken in children an interest in singing but also to create during the one hour of the concert the atmosphere of joy and natural music playing. The ensemble Musica Bohemica-Prague presents such programs for children of all ages,but they are most suitable for children up to the age of 10.